2020 Vision

Many people have been asking me what my ‘take’ is on this unprecedented situation we find ourselves in.

My view point is as follows:

Firstly : for the last few years, probably more around the last ten years we have all noticed the seemingly speeding up of time. Even our children have become aware that time is going by so fast. Each year seems to roll into the next. Christmas seems to come around so fast and each year seems to go by quicker then the last. Today’s date is the 27th April 2020 already, January was just the other day. At the beginning of the year many people were commenting on the year 2020 as 20plenty. (I will come back to 20plenty)

Secondly : for the last few years many people have been saying ‘something has to change we can’t go on the way we are’. If you have not been saying in out aloud I am sure you have been thinking it. Stress seems to have become our daily normal. Many people are ‘run off their feet’ trying to make ends meet, paying the bills, sitting in traffic on the way to and from work, school children have been under the immense amount of school work pressure, normally both parents need to work and the children placed in aftercare facilities placing further stress on the family unit. I wonder how many families were sitting around the dining room table for dinner as a family unit?

So not only did we feel time was moving fast we also knew consciously or unconsciously that something had to change. It could be said that as a collective consciousness we as the collective human race has ‘brought’ on this unprecedented time we now currently find ourselves in.

The Golden rule of Physics is Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It just changes from one form into another. Quantum physics is now showing that everything is energy. Also more and more people are realising and knowing that everything is energy. There is a shift in consciousness.

Our thinking and our emotions have great power. Where you place your focus is where you place your energy. Where you place your energy you manifest your reality.

What you think about you bring about – Dr J Demartini

So now getting back to the corona virus. We as the collective have been giving out massive thought forms about ‘something has to change’, a little virus in Wuhan, China heard our call and responded. As our call got bigger and bigger and bigger tipping the scale, the little virus ‘woke’ up and started to be became bigger and bigger. The bigger the virus became the smaller our call got. (Transformation of energy from one form to another) The virus became so ‘big’ and has managed to infiltrate most of the world, causing the people to become ‘small’ and stay indoors.

So as the collective conscious asked for things to change and slow down, the virus has obliged.

We now find ourselves; slowed down, quiet and indoors. Families are communicating once again, they are probably sitting around dining room tables enjoying meals together, playing board games, cooking together, gardening together. More people are working from home no longer sitting for hours in the traffic. Children are being home schooled. We can hear the birds sing and the wind rustling through the leaves of the trees. We find ourselves more in the present moment as ‘time has slowed down’.

Now coming back to ’20plenty’ and ‘2020 vision’ which have become the nic-names for the year 2020. In the beginning of 2020 many people were very optimistic about this year, saying its a year of abundance they were excited and full of energy. Then the corona virus emerged bringing fear, panic, social distancing and lock-down. People started asking themselves and each other what’s happened to this new year of hope and new beginnings with abundance?

According to Wikipedia – “20/20 vision is a term used to express normal visual acuity (the clarity or sharpness of vision) measured at a distance of 20 feet”.

My interpretation of ‘2020 vision’ seen in context with the year 2020 means we will be seeing ‘things’ more clearly. Possibly ‘things’ will be exposed and brought out into the public eye allowing us to see things more clearly and be better informed. The hidden ‘things’ will come out into the light and be seen.

My interpretation of ’20plenty’ seen in the context of this year 2020 means:

  1. Plenty of change.
  2. Plenty of slowness.
  3. Plenty of quietness and silence to hear the earth breath.
  4. Plenty of family together time.
  5. Plenty of nature reviving. I have noticed more birds and bees around. There are clips on YouTube of animals taken back their territory.
  6. Plenty of gratitude.
  7. Plenty of rest and recuperation.
  8. Plenty of connecting with friends we have not connected with for a long time.
  9. Plenty of community coming together to assist others.
  10. Plenty of politeness in the shops. People move aside for each other.
  11. Plenty of patience. I have noted people are far more patient with each other in the shopping isles.
  12. Plenty of thinking out the box being resourceful.
  13. Plenty of recipe swops going around on email.
  14. Plenty of people working from home lessening the exhaust fumes.
  15. Plenty of meditation groups online.
  16. Plenty of sharing on WhatsApp groups.
  17. Plenty of helping each other.
  18. Plenty of time to read that book that you have been meaning to read.
  19. Plenty of time to fix the things you have been planning to fix and never getting around to doing it.
  20. And the biggest one – Plenty of change! Oh… did I mention that already? Its important to be able to sway in the wind like a Willow tree allowing yourself and your ideals to flow effortlessly with the inevitable change

I invite you to do the following exercises:

  1. Write a list of at least 20 benefits you have seen for ’20plenty’ in lock-down.
  2. Write a list of all the insights you have had since in lock-down. These could be insights about yourself, about your community, about your career, about your finances, about what changes you would like to implement into your life, about anything that is important to you. We are in the best time ever to make changes to our lives. Embrace this time and make it really work for you.

So yes 2020, is filled with abundance but maybe not in the form expected.

I look forward to hearing from you or to book a consultation please call on 082 570 3522.


  • Neil Jeffrey

    Superb Mari
    I love your 20Plenty!!
    Wonderful way of stimulating plenty of changes in people’s lives!

  • Lesley

    This very day I was thinking of how I have “benefited” over this “Corona” period. I felt ashamed to think it, nvm say it! I am not referring to monetary benefit, or benefit from the pain of others. . . but the very things you mention.
    Beautiful thoughts/writing, Mari x

  • Eve

    Thank you Mari. Not only have you healed my cough but you’ve given me plenty to think about! We all need to slow down, smell the roses and get out of the rat race….. and above all to be thankful and appreciate what we have got.

  • Natalie Lemkus

    All this so true and well written. I Love your perspective of seeing this as a positive time. Plenty to be grateful for. For too long we’ve been ‘human doings’ instead of human beings. A great time to just be!
    I also loved your ‘Transformation of energy’ explaination it all makes so much sense. There are so many blessings for all of us at this time.

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